Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition commences session

Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition commences session

-Islamic summit in Riyadh in May unveiled that the alliance member states were ready to deploy 34,000 troops with a view to supporting operations against terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

While soliciting for the support of the IMCTC for assistance over the more than three million internally displaced persons, IDPs, in Nigeria, Ali said the event "obliged my country a great opportunity considering the enormous challenges the world is facing as regards terrorism".

Saudi Arabia's crown prince vowed to "pursue terrorists until they are wiped from the face of the earth" as officials from 40 Muslim countries gathered Sunday in the first meeting of an Islamic counter-terrorism alliance.

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At the inaugural meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC), now holding in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria's minister of Defence, Brig Gen Mansur Dan-Ali, has said that Nigeria will join forces with the coalition to defeat terrorism.

The coalition encompasses an integrated approach to coordinate and unite on four key domains: strategic focus, ideology, communications, terror finance and military initiatives. The country has since been boycotted by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries overs its links to extremist groups.

Sunday's meeting coincides with an escalation in tensions between Riyadh and Tehran, particularly over wars in Syria and Yemen and the political structure of multi-confessional Lebanon. The coalition is aimed at fighting extremism in their countries and across the region.

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Retired Pakistani general Raheel Sharif, who has been appointed commander-in-chief, also insisted that the coalition was not against any religion or state.

He said that the military commander of the coalition had also been quoted as saying that the coalition, "encompass four key areas of ideology, communications, counterterrorism financing and military to fight terrorism and to join other worldwide security and peace keeping efforts".

Qatar's flag was also absent.

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The Saudi Crown Prince offered condolences to Egypt over a deadly mosque attack in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, in which 305 people were killed and scores injured.

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