YouTube to promote USA concert tickets on artist videos

YouTube to promote USA concert tickets on artist videos

Starting today, YouTube will feature concert tickets on hundreds of artists' pages. The company also hints this is the first of other planned features focused on artist-to-fan connections, but it didn't detail those plans. This event information will be driven by Ticketmaster's database of concert listings.

Of course, there are a lot of people who also share music videos "unofficially", but if you're watching an official video, whether it's from the artists' channels themselves or from VEVO, you will also now be able to see updates about upcoming shows.

If you'll read a bit of YouTube's announcement of the partnership, it reads a bit like a proposal to Ticketmaster.

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Yesterday, the consolidation of power in the music business continued its progression: In a blog post issued by YouTube management yesterday, the behemoth video platform officially announced a new partnership with ticketing giant Ticketmaster to sell tickets to an artist's live shows directly via their official music videos. But Google has plans to expand so as to include all Ticketmaster artists globally.

There's no word yet if YouTube is planning on getting other ticketing companies since not all artists are using Ticketmaster.

YouTube believes that their massive user based combined with Ticketmaster's roster of concerts means that music lovers should have an easier time finding the concerts that they're interested in and purchasing tickets to them. Large industries that use creative content [i.e., YouTube] are driving down the value of our works. This is a huge move forward with YouTube's plan to build more artist-to-fan connections across its platform.

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Anyway, the new feature should be already showing up in the YouTube's mobile app, as well as on desktop.

Fans can now buy concert tickets right from their favorite artists' YouTube music videos.

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