The Dream Chaser Takes Flight and Seems to Ace Its Landing

The Dream Chaser Takes Flight and Seems to Ace Its Landing

If you miss NASA's space shuttles, you might like the Dream Chaser.

"The Dream Chaser had a handsome flight and landing!"

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Dream Chaser made a landing at a US air force base Edwards, which is located in the Mojave desert in California.

Yesterday, November 12, in the US private Corporation Sierra Nevada told the public about the successful completion of the tests reusable spaceship Dream Chaser.

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SNC is one of the three private companies, which include Oribtal ATK and SpaceX, selected by the United States space agency to transport supplies to the International Space Station for the next eight years in a deal potentially worth 14 billion U.S. dollars (£10bn).

The unmanned craft is created to launch atop a rocket and shuttle cargo and supplies to the International Space Station, and then return to land on a runway with experiments and samples from the space station. It is to land on the same runway at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida that the space shuttles once used. The plan is for the Dream Chaser to fly a minimum of six missions to the ISS by 2024, says NASA. The U.S. Air Force's two mysterious X-37B spaceplanes - which are roughly the same size as Dream Chaser - have flown four unmanned missions since 2010, totaling more than 2,000 days in space. They're created to be used 15 or more times and have autonomous launch, flight and landing capabilities, according to Sierra Nevada Corp. It's also designed with a "lifting body" meaning it can land nearly anywhere. A company called SpaceDev resurrected the design, but after its founder left to form a space tourism company, SpaceDev was purchased by Sierra Nevada in 2008. But previous year, NASA awarded a second round of contracts, in order to cover cargo shipments to the ISS from 2019 through 2024.

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The SpaceX capsule can be reused after crashing into the ocean, but the Orbital ATK one can't be. Sierra Nevada plans to give more details on the test during a press conference this afternoon.

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