Welcome to a New Era: 280-Character Tweets

Welcome to a New Era: 280-Character Tweets

To the consternation of many, Twitter announced on November 8 that all its users would henceforth be able to tweet with 280 characters. Twitter confirmed that after a global test, users will be able to tweet in 280-characters across the globe.

Rosen and Twitter's Senior Software Engineer, Ikuhiro Ihara, conducted an experiment in September based on the notion that a user can articulate twice the amount of information in one character using tongues like Japanese, Korean and Chinese versus English.

Twitter has revealed its new, larger 280 character limit has now been rolled out to all users, following a trial period when it was only available to certain selected ones.

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"This reflects the challenge of fitting a thought into a tweet, often resulting in lots of time spent editing and even at times abandoning tweets before sending", Ms Rosen said.

The tweet that tops them all is City remembering Sergio Aguero's last-gasp victor against Queens Park Rangers to clinch the Premier League title, pipping cross-town rivals, United in 2012.

Note that Twitter is increasing the character limit for most, but not all, languages.

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Twitter, meanwhile, appears also to be banking that by freeing users from the 140-character straitjacket, its platform will gain in popularity.

The change is part of Twitter's plan to attract new users and increase growth.

A higher character limit for languages with cramming aimed to solve this problem while keeping Twitter's conciseness. Only five percent of users went above 140 characters during the test, and only 2 percent ever went north of 190 characters.

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"We - and many of you - were concerned that timelines may fill up with 280 character Tweets, and people with the new limit would always use up the whole space".

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