Apple's iPhone X will Return an Estimated 64% Gross Margin

Apple's iPhone X will Return an Estimated 64% Gross Margin

We're less than a week removed from the launch of the iPhone X, which means it's just about time that we start wildly speculating about next year's iPhone models.

Dropping the phone on its side... "Drop it, and you'll pay", exclaims the video.

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Apple's iPhone X appears to be a fairly durable smartphone, able to withstand some heavy punishment from being hit, bent, burnt and even frozen.

Smartphone security brand SquareTrade which offers protection plans for smartphone also done some drop test with the new iPhone X and the results were much drastic than the test performed by CNET. The tech giant typically includes LCD displays on the iPhone line; however, the iPhone X indicates a shift in Apple's device story. The higher a device scores on a 100-point scale which is based on factors like physical characteristics, components, and drop, dunk, bend, tumble, and shot tests to simulate everyday use, the more breakable it is.

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The team dropped the iPhone X from a height of three feet and the device fell down from the edge causing a heavy back panel damage. While the outside of the phone only suffered cosmetic damage, the screen was rendered inoperable. Turns out, Samsung Display has made the iPhone X a very good screen. It emerged with more cracks erupting across both sides of the device. The phone's glass actually didn't crack at all when dropped on the back, according to one test from the YouTube channel PhoneBuff. The iPhone X is the second device to get an A+ rating from DisplayMate after the Galaxy Note 8 was reviewed in August. For example, to close an app and go to the home screen on the iPhone X, users need swipe up from the bottom of the display.

Repairability: SquareTrade's Master Technician noted that the iPhone X has a thinner, more costly OLED screen that's more expensive to replace, a smaller logic board, multiple cables, and a split battery that's more hard to remove. A screen fix can set you back $279, unless you've bought AppleCare+. "We believe the metal frame of 2H18F iPhone models will be composed of more parts (iPhone X has four parts) for improving data transmission quality". This is aimed at potential iPhone buyers and in it, Apple lays out the known issues with OLED technology, along with best practices to avoid problems. Do you buy accidental damage insurance on your smartphones?

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