Verizon offering full quality video streaming again…for $10 more

Verizon offering full quality video streaming again…for $10 more

Paying the new $10 fee will essentially make your plan work the way it did before August-video will be passed along to your phone at its original quality, whether that be 1080p, 4K, or something else. Now, Verizon will let you pay an extra $10 a month per line to remove all restrictions and let you watch any video quality that your mobile device supports, so with that new Galaxy Note8 you picked up, you'll be able to watch up to 1440p videos or up to 4K on other devices that support it. Verizon says video streamed on this plan will be delivered in original resolution.

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Verizon is looking to charge its consumers an additional $10 per month for 4K video streaming, after splitting their unlimited plans into two tiers; one capped streaming at 480p, while another went up to 720p (and 1080p for tablets).

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The video limits are imposed on cellular data, including when you share your phone's Internet connection with another device.

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There's one other limit on Verizon's unlimited plans that you can't get around. "To add this feature, simply stop by a store or give us a call", Verizon said. So now, if you wanted to watch full-resolution videos, you will have to shell out an additional $10 per month, bringing your total monthly charges to $95. Verizon will tell you that they have received very few customers who have complained about 720p streaming on their smartphones. Tablet data service is priced as an add-on to smartphone plans and costs $20 a month. 1080p on tablets was also a feature of Beyond Unlimited. Verizon's prepaid unlimited plan does not get this option, though. Just three months ago Verizon allowed us to stream unrestricted video content with the exception of the amount of data used. So, if there are a lot of people using the network, you get bumped to the back of the line. You might run into video restrictions or slower speeds in congested areas, but you can keep using data without paying any monthly overage fees.

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